Founded in 2011 by festival director Paula Crimmens, The InterAct Festival offers an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of disabled people in the arts and creates a pathway forward toward a thriving and vibrant future for Disability Arts in New Zealand.  Through live performances, wearable arts parades,  drumming, singing, and creative workshops, InterAct fosters the talent of people with disabilities and provides an environment in which everybody can thrive.

InterAct values:

Inclusive and participatory– to promote participation in the arts by disabled people and to highlight the contributions that disabled people can make to the fabric of the local community and the wider Auckland region.

Engaging – to engage the local community in an inclusive arts and social experience that leads to a greater understanding and acceptance of disability.

Quality – to create a well organized festival with participants and content that reflect quality, integrity and ‘shine’.

In 2016 the festival delivered a three day festival involving New Zealand’s and International leaders in the field of Disability Arts, providing the community an opportunity to showcase, network and connect.