The Travelling Tuataras at InterACT!

We are soooo excited to have The Travelling Tuataras every day at InterACT this year. They will be working out of the little white chapel which is opposite the big sheds but I’m sure you will see them around as they are into drumming and taking part in the parades. Here is their programme so you can make sure not to miss them this year.

10am drumming

Drum the festival awake each morning with Brian and his buckets

10.30 am -11pm Bring alive stories!
For everyone who loves stories and being part of the action !
Join the Travelling Tuataras and together Bring Alive Stories from Aotearoa and from far away – with song, drama, music ,and mask !
Expect maximum interaction.

11am -11.45am Carnival Creations

With Jill and Brian of the Travelling Tuataras
create an artwork that you can carry and dance with in the Wearable Arts Parade.
Opportunity to create your own and also be part of creating a giant carnival dancing puppet.

12.45 daily
“Flower Power Garden’”
create flowers to plant in the “FlowerPower” Garden outside St Michaels with Jill of the Travelling Tuataras

Over the 3 days there will be opportunity to both plant flowers and pick a flower.

12.45 Daily


Join Brian of the Travelling Tuataras for drumming and other bucket stuff including bucket stack !