The Interacting Trust is a charity registered with the Charity Commission CC11119.

The Interacting Trust Board.

Chair                                                     Rod Wills

Treasurer                                                Tom Cooper

Secretary                                                 Sabrina Ou

Trustee                                                   Adam Fanning

Interacting Coordinator                        Paula Crimmens


There is a social need for people with a disability to be both engaged in meaningful occupation and to be seen as vital members of the community rather than a drain on resources and not contributing to the community.
This popular perception is a burden not only on the person with a disability but members of their extended family. It is also patently untrue. The work of this project goes some way to rectifying this perception.

The trust has a vision of an ensemble that would stand equal to other non disabled theatre projects in terms of excellence of material and presentation. We would be pleased if you would join us to help fulfil this vision. Interacting welcomes new participants and collaboration with disability service providers.

The public performance works from Interacting contradict and challenge the norms of the able community that stigmatise disabled people and regard them as not like us. Telling stories offers the possibility of an immediate relationship between disabled people and their audience, the paradox emerges for the audience with the eloquence and grace with which their voice is offered. Whether the audience then takes notice, reflects and acts differently toward disabled people is an emerging area of promise.